We receive many letters from the families we've served, thanking us for our caring ways during their time of loss. Their words warm our hearts, and speak to you of our professionalism, compassion, and the true value of the services we provide.

To: Kerry Gubler and the Staff at Serenity Funeral Home Thank you so much for the loving care you gave to my husband. Raymond Jack Eves. You did such a wonderful job. Thanks for noticing that his shirt wasn't as nice as it could be and his tie had a spot on it. You went above and beyond t make him look so handsome. I actually thought he looked better than he had looked for a long time. Kerry made everything so easy for us as he walked us through every step of the burial of Ray. We have had so many texts and phone calls to tell us how much they enjoyed the funeral. Thank you again for all you have done for us. Your kindness and professionalism has made our journey a little bit easier. Thank You, Jill Eves

Jill Eves March 30, 2022

Dear Larry Hansen, Wanting to send a special "Thanks" for making such a hard time -doable! You are amazing! Also a special "Thanks" to Kerry Gubler & Lynn Chamberlain, your special support in Panquitch was perfect! You three are a special group & can really make the entire family feel like their loved one really mattered to all! Appreciating you, Maridon Crosby

William Crosby November 29, 2021

I got treated very good, Just like family. Marie Smith

Kenneth Smith November 23, 2020

Duane Lamoreaux took such good care of us! We couldn't ask for better service. John Gordon

Eleanor Hall October 26, 2020

Russell was very, very accommodating, helpful and considerate. He went beyond our expectations and experience with other funeral homes. He want to thank him for being so helpful to us.

Beverly Sturm September 20, 2020

Ted and Larry went out of their way to service our family. Appreciate all they did to take care of us in a more personable way. Jolene Lott

Melba Poulton July 31, 2020

Dear Duane and Russ, I just want to again express my sincere gratitude to you for your excellent professional, yet very friendly and personal, caring service to me and my family. We could not have had better. Everything worked out so well and smoothly. You made us fee like you are literally a part of the Graf family. What a great service you render to all whom you serve and work with during this very difficult time of their lives. I'm sure all are made to feel as I and my family do, much to your credit. May the Lord continue to bless you as you continue to serve so very well. Sincerely, Garry W. Graf. P.s- Thought Donna, looked so good, so natural. Great work Russ! A special thanks.

Donna Graf December 02, 2020

Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated. Thank you for the kindness and dignity you showed our husband/dad Gary Burnham, during this difficult time. Heartfelt thanks, - Family of Gary Burnham

Gary Burnham April 13, 2020

Everyone at Serenity was extremely kind, helpful and sensitive. Very Knowledgeable. Very Accommodating, especially Russ. Mary Durante

Bill Durante May 27, 2019

Dear Serenity Staff, I have never been treated so kindly, with tender compassion and with tender compassion and proficiency in the passing of my husband. Regards, Saundra Baird

Joseph H Baird December 10, 2018

Dear Kerry, Duane, Cammie and all the staff at Serenity, Thank you so very much for your kindness to the Barden family during the loss of our beloved David. Every detail was superbly executed and so appreciated. Thank you Kerry and your sweet wife for the delicious bread. The St. George area is so fortunate to have such caring people. Sincerely, Joyce Passmore and Jodie Barden

David Barden August 08, 2018

Without Duane and Russ, we would have been lost! Thank the Lord that these wonderful folks embraced us, showed true compassion and caring, and were the ultimate professionals. Serenity Cremation is absolutely transparent, which is how we made it through our loss. We participated in the cremation process. We learned so much about the process of funerals and cremations. We were totally at peace, because of Duane and Russ. We will never forget their kindness. We would only recommend Serenity of St. George, as their honesty surpasses all others. They try to sell absolutely nothing. Thank you Gentleman, Nancy and Jason Hallenborg

Nancy Hallenborg June 21, 2018

The passing of a loved one is an especially tough time to begin with. From the moment we met Russ, when he came to transport my husband in the early morning hours, to making arrangements for his cremation we experienced warmth and caring. He and the staff, were calm and professional, yet personable and empathetic in assisting us with every detail. Every option was explained and our questions answered with professionalism. I will always recommend their services to friends and family. Thank you to everyone there who made this challenging time in our lives a little less so.

Gail Rudd April 01, 2018

Russ Atkin was so kind, caring, and helpful. He was there for me every step of the way. Also, the two men who came to take my husbands body were very kind too. I could no have asked for more. Linda A Harrison

Richard Lee Harrison February 01, 2018

I truly appreciated the warmth and dignity of your staff, and their sense of humor was also helpful - appropriate humor needed at difficult times at least for me and my family. The list of "things to do" I found extremely helpful. Mr. Bloxham was helpful with information without being pushy. I really found what we wanted and needed with Serenity. Thank you, Julia Bondanella

Peter Bondanella February 13, 2018

Larry and Duane, Thanks so very much for your help with the services for my brother Wayne Jenson, You are so caring and everything was done with perfection. We appreciate the extra care that included the military salute and the graveside service. This is our 3rd experience with family burials through Serenity. We recommend their Funeral home to all.

Kathy Lamoreaux October 30, 2017

Dick and Duane, Thank you for all that you were able to do for use in watching over Owen and our family. Everything was so nice and it was a nice tribute to Owen. Thanks again for everything especially your friendship. Sherrry Owen

Owen Barrus

Dear Russ and Staff I just wanted to thank you all for your kindness, patience and professionalism in taking care of mom and our family at mom's passing. As you know, it's a difficult time for families, and you really made thing go so smoothly during this process. Thank you a hundred times over! Sincerely Amy Ladd and Family

Alice Smith January 30, 2017

Dear Russ, Duane and Staff. Words cannot express how much I appreciate everything that was done, not only for Robert, but for our family and for the perfect funeral. You didn't forget a thing. The day for our family was very memorable. You all are the best! Elaine and Family

Robert Cobb January 18, 2017

Many thanks to your staff that was there when my family needed help. We all agreed that we could not have found anyone that could have handled Mary and our family in such a caring manner. Thanks from the Fridley Family.

Mary E. Fridley August 31, 2016

Matt was professional, polite, respectful, thorough, and pleasant! Great personality. I would not change anything for my own services. Randi A.

Bette-Jane Chappell August 31, 2016

We wanted to tell you how much we appreciate all you did to help us with our mothers funeral. You were so helpful, kind and compassionate and it made things so nice and easy. Thank You!

Donetta Anderson August 08, 2016

We were treated with such love and respect from Duane he made this difficult time in our lives a little more bearable. My sisters and I can't say enough nice things about this wonderful man! We also need to mention how helpful and friendly Chris was. Thank You! Jeanette Wright

Mabel Ulibarri August 02, 2016

Russell and staff, Thank you very much. You were very nice to me and my family when we came to you for help. You made things easier for us and helped us get through a hard time in our life. Thank you will all my hear t- Sincerely, Dottie Patterson

Herb Patterson April 04, 2016

Just a note to thank you for your kindness during the time of making arrangements for Karen. We were so impressed and blessed to have found Serenity. Thank you Chris for your honesty and treating us with such kindness. Lara C.

Karen Moore January 06, 2016

Duane, thank you so very much for your kindness and assistance as we made the arrangements for mom's funeral and burial. It was so comforting to have help that was both professional and kink. We will always remember and appreciate your assistance. Love, Gerald, Louise, & Barb

Joan Davenport November 06, 2015

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did with Alexxiss. I am the best friend of the mother Debbie. You are so very kind. You made sure that everything she wanted was taken care of. Thank you for helping us with the hand mold and her hair. the makeup you did on Alexxiss was perfect. I just want you to know that you were a bright spot during a bad time. Your kindness and sensitivity will never be forgotten. You took great care of Alexxiss and the entire family. Saying thank you just doesn't seem like enough. Best wishes to you. Thank you for evertthing. The McPhilomy and Prince families.

Alexxiss Prince May 15, 2015

Dear Russ: I want to thank you, once again, for everything you did for Ralph and me to make this time in my life as peaceful as possible. Due in great part to your careful planning, everything proceeded flawlessly last week. The mortuary staff in Alexandria were very attentive and kind, and Ralph’s service was beautiful. He was buried in a serene, beautiful section of Arlington with military honors, and I know that he is now at rest. Please know that, should the occasion arise, I will highly recommend you to others. Please also know that what you do, and how you do it, makes an enormous difference for the good in people’s lives. With gratitude and best wishes, Janine

Ralph Frias May 05, 2015

Dearest Duane, Forgive me for being so tardy with my appreciation for all you did for me and Mom. Things got piled up on me here, seeing to her business and cleaning out her apt. I don't know what I would have done without you! you are one of the kindest and most sincere and compassionate persons I've met. Your gentle open hearted guidance made this sad journey truly memorable. It was wonderful to see old friends and long lost cousins at the graveside. Again, my sincere thanks for all you did - and do for others - for me. May you continue to comport those who cross your path, as you did me. Fondly Lana

Kathleen Rose July 07, 2014

Dear Russ Thank you for all you have done to help me prepare Aunt Janet's funeral. I appreciate the respectful way she was cared for. I know this sounds weird - but she looked better than she has for quite a while. Your staff has also been very helpful. Please let them know I appreciate all they have done also. Thanks Judy B.

Janet Nay April 24, 2014

Dear Kerry and Patricia, Russell and Duane, You served us and our father at the time of dad's passing with such kindness and caring. We so appreciate all you did. It was a very fitting end to his time on this earth. Our love and thanks. Gary & Marsha Wells and the Covington Family

Covington March 20, 2014

I would just like to thank everyone for their extraordinary service at what was the worst time of my life. Extraordinary in the sense that the personal service and kindness overshadowed the sadness. Duane, is remarkable, uncannily kind and well suited to his profession. Russ is also amazing. Chris is absolutely a joy to work with. Thank you Cremation Center of Southern Utah fo aiding me at a time I had no sense at all. Michael R.

Runyan March 20, 2014

Duane, When our family needed comfort most you walked into our life. You truly are one of God's angels walking on earth. Thank you for taking and caring for our Charlie throughout the passing process. In gratitude, the Persinger Family

Persinger, Charles March 20, 2014

Dear Russ, Our family would like to thank you for the tender and professional care you gave to our daughter and mother, Cheryl. We were not familiar with your staff and services but had been assured by a friend that everything would be handled with utmost care. When we met you the evening Cheryl passed away, it was like greeting dear family members. You and the man with you showed great compassion and tenderness to a grieving family. Even though we knew Cherly would be leaving us, it was very sad and somewhat traumatic for her young children. Thank you for allowing all of us to take the time we needed to say goodbye. We were so touched by the careful way you prepared Cheryl to take her to the funeral home. None of us had ever personally be in a room when a deceased person was taken away and the gentle way you handled Cheryl's mortal remains was so kind and careful. Thank you for the hours spent preparing Cheryl for our family to help dress her, apply makeup, and then for the hours spent at the chapel prior to and during the funeral and at the cemetery. Thank you again for everything you did to help us at such a sad time for our family. Sincerely, Mary Anne S. and Chery's children.

Cheryl Lou Smith Heaton November 25, 2013

My dad, Norman Smith, will be having his services this Saturday, you posted his obituary today and his tribute website is already lighting up with wonderful comments and photos from people who knew him in grade school. I am refreshing the page obsessively and it is bringing me so much joy in such a dark time. What a beautiful and amazing idea! Thank you so much for this thoughtful gift to my family! Lynsee Smith

Norman Smith September 11, 2013

To everyone at Serenity, We just wanted to say a big Thank You. You all did a great job. Floyd looked wonderful. He was at peace. The American Legion was great. We thank you for setting it all up. We also appreciate the recording and the photo video. Thank you again, David and Pamela Waite and the Floyd Waite family

Floyd Waite February 01, 2022

We just wanted to thank you for the loving care and kindness you showed to our family with the passing of our little angel, Ava Clair! We knew you were the ones to care and cherish us at such at tender time. Love, The Deckers Ross & Marry, Josh & Marieta

Ava Clair Decker November 17, 2021

Russell came to our home and helped us make arrangements. He was reassuring that mom's insurance policy would cover expenses. He and all the staff were kind and very prompt and efficient. They willingly traveled out of town and compassionately transferred my mom to her funeral and burial site. We were more than satisfied. Leigh Ann Turner

Bette Baker April 27, 2020

Kerry Gubler was so caring, thoughtful and willing to fulfill any need or answer any questions we had. He was such a calming influence at a very emotional time. With sincere Thanks, Mary Lou Christy

Howard H. Christy September 28, 2020

I appreciate everything that was done to make a sad experience comforting. Thank you for everything. Lavonne Nadeau

Raphael Nadeau August 03, 2020

I would like to thank everyone at Serenity for all of their help and compassion during what I would say was the Worst time in my life! Words can't express how great they were to work with, Very Compassionate! Thank you! Lorie Madsen

Duke Madsen December 16, 2020

Losing a family member is so overwhelming. Planning a funeral during a difficult time is almost more than anyone can bare. I had no experience and didn’t even know what questions to ask. Russ was so patient and was so helpful on what was best for our family. He listened and really was a blessing to us during a tough time. We felt safe. We felt cared for. We felt peace. Thank you Russ.

A.J. Swope October 25, 2020

Thank you for your sympathy in the passing of my daughter, McKenzie, it has been a great comfort. Thank you for the great care you took with my daughter. She looks beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for all you did to help make her passing bearable. Thank you, Jamie Gardner-Gomez

Jamie Gardner September 16, 2019

To all of you at Serenity, How can I find the words to thank you? I'm so thankful to have Gary placed in your care. We both are so blessed to have found the best! You all were great! Monya Brimhall

Gary Brimhall May 22, 2019

We want to thank you for the service you provided. A special thanks to Lynn Chamberlain for his service and compassion during this time. Many Thanks, Phipps Family

LeRoy Phipps December 03, 2018

Excellent in every way - Was very Satisfied. 5 Stars. Donna Holman

Tedd Holman August 20, 2018

When our beloved mother passed away, it was especially difficult for us (her children) to be living in other states far away. The competent staff at Serenity Funeral Home were notified and immediately took over all the arrangements for her transportation and eventual cremation. Lynn Bloxham contacted me within hours of her passing, and he was available to assist with all the decisions and arrangements. His calm, comforting and professional demeanor was such a welcome relief. I had complete faith and trust in his ability to take care of every detail. I could not be more pleased with the process, which included a multitude of services at an incredible reasonable price. I feel deep gratitude towards all who assisted in this process, and could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you from the depths of our hearts! -Gayle Winans and the Family of June Winans

June Winans May 21, 2018

Russ Atkin was a lifesaver in helping us plan the cremation. Outstanding service and understanding. Thank You! Joshua Paul Gifford

Beverly Rae Palmer January 15, 2018

Everything was done in a thoughtful, caring way! I could not ask for better service and care! Thank you, for all of it! Cheryl Munson

Thomas Hubert Munson February 13, 2018

Dear Russ, On Behalf of the Gustaveson family we want to thank you for helping us take care of our mom Elsie. I love how well you and your team took care of all the many details of getting her ready for the funeral. You have a sweet spirit and we enjoyed your help. Thank you, Sharyl Olson

Elsie Gustaveson January 04, 2018

Thank you for the tender loving care you gave me, my husband, and our families. Everything was perfect. Marie Taylor

Richard W. Taylor August 09, 2017

I give these guys at 10! They were all so wonderful and helpful. Sandra Hall

William Scott Hall February 21, 2017

Dear Russ and All: Thank you for your excellent care of my mother, Coleen Dalton. We really appreciate your working with us and your advice on my moms final arrangements. Very Best Wishes, Paula McFarland

Colleen Dalton January 23, 2017

Arvin, There are no words to express how much we appreciate all you have done for all of us and our family. We would have never made it through all of this so worry free if not for you, Sheryl and your wonderful staff. Oh how we love you!! Bev and Carolyn

Dorothy Mckeehan November 03, 2016

Duane gave myself and my kids a tour of the cremation area and seeing the process was very comforting. Robert L.

Carolyn Kay Landis August 31, 2016

Dear Serenity Funeral Home, Thank you for your exemplary service and compassionate care of our family in the loss of our father, Clair Tracy. Russell Atkin followed through personally to see dad was treated with respect and honor. All of the staff gave us kind and considerate service. Sincerely, Rosalie Tracy

Clair Tracy August 12, 2016

Dear brother Atkin, I want you to know that your services to Fred was beyond! Fred had not looked like himself for a long time. It was a relief to see him one again. The burden of sorrow was lifted for all of us. God bless you for that. Thank you for your great integrity. Love, Claudya Hilsmann Thank you again I will always remember you.

Fred Hillsman August 03, 2016

Dear Russ and Serenity Funeral Home Staff, We want to thank you for everything you did for us and our momma in facilitating, and arranging for her services in Meeker, CO, in caring for her. and in helping us to get through a very difficult and painful time. You provided a real comfort through it all. Sincerely, Shirley Wix's family

Shirley Wix June 22, 2016

Mr. Kerry Gubler gave our family caring guidance while planning the funeral and during the funeral service. He was so helpful in meeting submission time for the newspapers, death notice, and obituary. Thank you Kerry Elaine Reeve and Family

James Reeve February 09, 2016

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gorgeous job you did on my Mothers program, especially on such short notice. You were vital, and are amazing at what you do. Serenity was amazing to us, and honored our mother. She was treated with such love in body, and in spirit. Thank you all. Much Love~ Jen and Shane Langley

Dorothy Christine Provstgaard January 06, 2016

To all our friends at Serenity, Wow- it has been a year coming this week since we lost our sweet Ryan. We want to thank you for the special care that you took in taking care of him. I'm sure in his case, being a donor made it a little different. We appreciate you making us as family feel as if he was the only one. Thank you for your kind words you gave us as we were going through such a tragedy. We all commented on how sweet you all were to us. Thanks for your loving care, especially to our Ryan. May the Lord bless you all, Todd and Peggy W and Family

Ryan Wooley May 15, 2015

Thanks for all your kindness and help with my sisters graveside service. I appreciate all your support my time of need. Sincerely Myrna S.

Janice Jackson May 15, 2015

Dear Mr. Atkin I just wanted to send a little note to tell you how much we appreciated the extra services you offered so willingly for my nieces funeral. You went above and beyond what is expected with your generous time and resources. And you were so patient with the "crowd" that was there. I wish you and your business success! Sincerely Merlene Lanier

Alexxiss Prince May 05, 2015

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!... Thank you so much for everything you guys really made a difficult time so much more do-able. Love the Jones family- Randy Julie and David

Denton Jones May 28, 2014

We are greatly appreciative of all your help in our situation. Great Thanks Melissa Schmitt Thank you SO much for taking care of both our dad and our family. We had a great experience with you. Melanie Schmitt Thank you for everything, especially helping my sisters. You are wonderful people. Kevin Schmitt

Schmitt March 20, 2014

Duane and Russ, Words cannot express our appreciation for you loving, gentle caring guidance through this most painful loss of our much loved John. He was our rock and will be dearly missed. We couldn't be more pleased with all your service. Also thank you for your donation to Dixie Mountain Bike Trails Simkins Family

Simpkins March 20, 2014

I want you to know how much I appreciated you coming to our home and helping with the planning of my funeral arrangements. You were thoughtful, very personable as well as professional. I thank you also for answering my questions about the process of preparation- I find it fascination and commend you for your dedication to you profession and the sensitivity to others. Love to you. Pam P.

Pam Palmer March 20, 2014

Dear SereniCare Friends, Thank you for your kind hospitality to our volunteers. I was so impressed at how beautiful everything was set up and all of your hard work. You always so everything first class. You are my favorite mortuary in the world! We all love you at Horizon Hospice Specialists. Thank you for the tour, the food, and your presentation and friendship. Sherri L. and volunteers.

Horizion Hospice November 25, 2013

Thank you so much for making the passing of Louann so wonderful and beautiful. Everyone on you staff is just amazing. Your professionalism and friendly manner that you give is just outstanding. Thanks again Janet H.

Louann Hardy November 25, 2013